Our Mission
Law is an integral part of any society and has an impact on it in a big way and is deeply embedded in our social world. Even though law has a huge impact on our social life, legal services remain largely inaccessible to the common man.

The internet era and active social media in last decade has increase awareness in the masses about every social issues and law is not an exception of it.
Legal Eagle is a comprehensive legal portal and is set to redefine the awareness of law to the common man. Our endeavor is to spread legal awareness, help common and needy people to strive for justice, educate common man to know about their legal rights and their duty to the society without lowering the supremacy of law.
Editorial Policy
Legal Eagle is accountable to ‘Rule of Law’ and committed to provide our readers with accurate, bold, unbiased news, views, opinions, and features. Legal Eagle is receptive to constructive criticism and wholeheartedly welcomes comments which can help us in our mission.
Editorial Board
Behind Legal Eagle is a team of well qualified and committed individuals with vast experience in legal profession, academics and legal journalism. The Editorial Board is closely involved in selecting columns, features and other contents in order to provide quality articles to our readers.  
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