• 1949: Idols of Ram Lalla are placed surreptitiously under the central dome.
  •  1950: Gopal Simla Visharad files first suit in Faizabad civil court for rights to perform pooja to Ram Lalla.
  •  1950: Paramahansa Ramachandra Das files a suit for continuation of pooja and keeping idols in the structure.
  •  1959: Nirmohi Akhara files third suit, seeking direction to hand over charge of the disputed site. U.P. Sunni Central Wakf Board files fourth suit in 1961 for declaration and possession and fifth in 1989 in the name of Ram Lalla Virajman for declaration and possession.
  •  1986: District judge orderes locks be removed. Site opened for Hindu worshippers.
  •  1989: The four suits pending were transferred to the High Court.
  •  1991: U.P. govt. acquires land around the structure for convenience of devotees who attend Ram Lalla darshan.
  •  1993: Govt. takes over 67 acres of land around the area, seeks SC's opinion on whether there existed a Hindu place of worship before the structure was built.
  •  1994: Case goes back to Lucknow Bench of HC, suits heard again from 1996.