If someone is abusing, insulting, or otherwise harming you on a regular basis, it's called harassment. Cruel and usually really annoying, harassment is also illegal in some cases.
Its Hindi meaning is उत्पीड़न
Harassment is a word that describes any kind of ongoing torment. At school, harassment is often known as bullying. In the workplace, employees need to be careful about sexual harassment. Harassment involves persistent attacks or abuse, and can range from shouting racial slurs to crank calling your ex-boyfriend every night at 3 am. Even teasing your kid sister about her braces could be considered harassment.
Generally Harassment is intentional. In corporate firms, government offices, private institutes, senior lawyers to his juniors etc every where Harassment has secure its place very comfortably and permanently. All the seniors or boss have developed the habit of shouting, abusing, annoying, discouraging  and deliberately they put huge pressure upon his juniors to work. 

Types of Harassment:
These are the following grounds of Harassment (not exhaustive)
1. Race, Religion, Sex, and National Origin
2. Age
3. Disability
4. Sexual Orientation and Marital Status

Harassment or bullying in the workplace is very common.

It can create confusion as it is often initially very hard to understand, bullying behaviours can be quite illogical and manipulative. A lot of time and energy can go into trying to understand or finding a 'reason' for such conduct.
Help can come from you immediate Manager, Human Resources, Employment Assistance Program or the Union. Grievance procedures can be followed if you being unfairly treated by a colleague.
These are the remedies by adopting this everyone can save himself top become victim of Harassment. They are: 
  • Stop trying to understand or make sense of the illogical, confusing behaviors' of the bully 
  • Don't get sucked into believing it's your fault 
  • Don't confront a bully, if required always have a third person attending 
  • Keep all evidence eg. diarise, take copies of emails, phone messages etc. (don't rely on your memory) 
  • Avoid isolation, stay in contact with supportive people
  • Care for yourself with relaxation and pleasurable activities in your life outside work
  • Use a personal journal of your thoughts and feelings
  • Be prepared to leave or resign if you need to, however, make sure you leave with all your entitlements and get help from the appropriate people if needed.

Any type of harassment in the workplace is against Federal law if it is based on a discriminatory reason such as race, religion or gender. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act disallows it, and most states have laws against it as well. Workplace harassment doesn’t necessarily have to cause you financial harm. You may not lose your job or be denied employment. But if someone or something is making your work hours miserable, this is a form of discrimination
Never hesitate to retaliate if your senior/bully is crossing his limit. Every person is equal and every body has same respect and human dignity. Just only that victim is junior or new or inferior in post doesn't mean that he can be grilled often. Everyone has his fundamental rights and regarding Harassment Hon'ble Supreme Court as well as High Court has issued several guidelines.

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