Generally common man is unaware of the simplicity of Law. They avoid to indulge in any matter which is not related with them strictly.They do not want unnecessary problems and regarding this some times they are mute spectator. Even sometimes common people like we do not help people when they need help in very needy and hard time. Suppose anyone meets with an road accident and seeks help on that time no one comes forward to help him to reach to nearest hospital reason is that they think that if they will drop the patient to hospital as there police will lodge a criminal case and will interrogate with him also and will make him run from pillar to post.so they opt for not to run in the race.

   But here we would like to tell you that if any person meets with a road accident its a moral duty of every citizen to help him and let him to nearest hospital. And according to survey 60 % of lives could have been saved if they would have been made to reach hospital on time. And regarding this Hon'ble Supreme Court has given direction to all the state governments and its concern bodies as well as autonomous bodies that if any person meets with an accident immediately he must be got hospitalized and during this no any complexity of law will come between. In case of accident it is the paramount duty of the doctors to admit the patient without wasting of time and without waiting of police even if it is a police case then doctors will first admit the patient and after that police will do his duty. the main aim of the law is to prevent life of a common man and provide them human dignity.
sometimes we see any crime happening in the public place but we never come forward to say the same thing which we have actually seen to the police or competent authorities or when any one request us to appear in the court we politely refuse  just to avoid the unnecessary hurdles and to avoid unwanted problems.

Being the responsible citizen of the country it is our paramount duty to help the needy and if any person meets with an unfortunate incident(while acting legally) we must come forward without being selfish. we should not give weightage to the trivial issues of proceedings of law. 
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